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I'm back...

What a few months its been! So on March 20th I left the office to pick up the children from school not knowing when I'd be returning to work or when the children would be returning to school. Well I never expected it to be the middle of September. We have been incredibly fortunate to be able to continue trading with only a few hiccups in these unusual times. On Monday 23rd we sat at home watching Boris' speech along with the majority of the nation then quickly let the guys know not to come into the workshop until we'd had chance to assertain what we should or should not be doing. Mark was able to continue working in isolation and eventually as restrictions eased and suppliers reopened we were able to bring the guys back one by one, until it was just me doing the admin from home while attempting to home school and what seemed like bake an endless stream of cakes, banana loaves and bread!

Luckily the children happily returned to school last week so I'm back. My first job was to declutter and clean my office it would appear its been used as a general dumping ground in my absence! But I've finally found my desk under all the boxes and packages so here I am, back to the new normal and loving it.

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