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An introduction....

Hello, welcome to my first ever blog!

I'd like to start by introducing you to us, we are quite literally MNW, we are Mark and Natalie Wonnacott and this is our business.

Mark began his Joinery career at the age of just 15 (August baby!) as an apprentice at a high end kitchen and cabinet making company. Then back in 2007 at the age of 21, Mark made the decision to go self employed and began trading as Mark Wonnacott Joinery. He spent several years subcontracting and got to work on some remarkable projects. In early 2015 he decided the time was right to set up his own workshop and I joined him as his business partner (or admin and general dogsbody). Later in Spring 2018 we had the opportunity to purchase our workshop premises, along with the yard its situated in and the long established sawmilling which was also on the same site. We decided a name change was in order with to go with us branching out into sawmilling and MNW Timber Solutions was born.

We're still a small family run business but in a few short years we've gone from a one man band to Two partners and five employees. Who knows whats around the next corner...

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